What you may not know about me...

~ I am OUT and proud!
Maybe that's why I am particularly passionate about new works that spotlight women voices and particularly the LGBT experience. My wife, (Carol Dacey-Charles), and I have been together over 30 years! (About Carol)

-- I also coach. I audition coach and offer career mentoring for actors whelping them navigate the ever changing waters of this business.

~ I love all things British and am obsessed with Tea.
I Especially love it black with milk and next to a scone. Don't even get me started about Bridgerton or Downtown Abbey!

-- I'm writing a play! I'm working on my third draft of my first full length play. Stay tuned for a reading near you.

~ I am Co-Director of The Prayer Chaplain Ministry at Unity Church of New York.
I feel Privileged to hold sacred space, lovingly listen, pray and hold confidence for the congregants of this dynamic ministry.
(about Unity of New York)

~ I am a Beginning Tai Chi Instructor
I find Tai Chi is more than a gentle way to exercise. It is the practice of adapting to change and for me-- a wonderful way to manage anxiety. I practice through the Taoist Tai Chi Society. (about Taoist Tai Chi Society)

~ I'm a Vedic Meditator
That means I sit down twice a day and try to focus on a mantra for 20 minutes. Some days I can't even remember my mantra because of all the chatter in my brain, but that's all part of the practice. I learned to meditate from my teacher--Mark Price. If interested check out (Alchemy Collective)

~ I was a professional organizer for years.
Personal organizing and clutter busting isn't for the weak of heart, but I found it was a great way to help people move forward.

~ I was a drama camp kid. I spent summers at French Woods Festival
and at Stage Door Manor. I won "Best Supporting Actress"
for my work in an all girl production of Twelve Angry Women.
I played a septuagenarian juror. I was 12.

~ I worked with the late Polish director, Jerzy Grotowski
This theatre icon paid me a very memorable
compliment . He said:

Jim Daly, agent


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